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We believe that the journey towards healing begins with a single step. Let us be the guiding light to those who find themselves in difficult times.

About us

Our mission

At the Lighthouse Psychotherapy Practice we are dedicated to providing affordable and accessible psychodynamic psychotherapy and counselling. Our approach is rooted in the belief that by exploring the unconscious mind, we can gain insight into behaviours and relationships.

How we can help?

During difficult times, life can feel overwhelming and you may feel that there is no one you can talk to. We are trained to help individuals over the age of 18 to navigate a wide range of issues, including anxiety and depression, loss and bereavement, relationship difficulties, stress and trauma, abuse and sexuality. We believe that everyone has the ability to overcome their challenges and thrive.

What is psychodynamics?

Psychodynamics is based on the relationship between the therapist, the client and the client's past. Significant individuals from the past and present impact current behaviour and beliefs. By exploring the dynamics of those relationships we can better understand unconscious thought processes and outlooks more clearly. 

Our ethical framework

In addition to our clinical qualifications as psychotherapists we are BACP, BPC and FPC registered, fully insured and have our work overseen by an experienced supervisor. We take the confidentiality of our clients very seriously and comply with the code of ethics set out by our regulatory bodies.

Our therapists

Siobhain and Claire both trained as psychodynamic psychotherapists at The Westminster Pastoral Foundation in London and have a wealth of experience in therapy, as well as in business and community roles.



All of us will experience challenges in our lives and sometimes these challenges are difficult to carry. Maybe this is becoming increasingly difficult when we are all living in a world that is experiencing such uncertain times. 




Whatever your reason is for seeking therapy, you will be offered the time and space to explore, reflect and understand yourself better. At the Lighthouse, we can help you to think about your early experiences and how they may be affecting your current patterns of behaviour. 


Our services



At the Lighthouse we provide regular, open-ended psychotherapy, which involves the exploration of the meanings behind our experiences. These meanings are often unconscious, but have an impact on our everyday thoughts, behaviours and emotions, often causing distress and preventing us from progressing through life. As with counselling, sessions take place weekly, on the same day and at the same time. Sometimes, more frequent sessions are available to allow for greater depth of exploration and understanding. 



At the Lighthouse we understand that seeking help can be a difficult decision and the thought of embarking on long term in-depth work may seem too daunting. You may prefer to focus on a particular problem or difficulty which may have been the reason for you to consider counselling. By working through that issue you may feel you have gained what you needed and that counselling was sufficient for you to continue with your life. Or it may help you discover other reasons why you feel the way you do and you may decide to continue with more in-depth work at some point in time.

Time Limited Therapy

Time limited therapy

At the Lighthouse, we offer time limited therapy for a period of 12 weeks. A set structure  is followed whereby after the first few sessions a specific conflict is identified and agreed as the focus of the work. The remaining sessions are dedicated to exploring the presenting issue to enable you to reach a level of awareness. This approach is ideal for individuals who are looking to explore a particular difficulty within the set time frame. 

We provide a warm, supportive and non-judgemental space where you can explore your feelings, come to an understanding and make positive changes to your life.


Our fees

Our aim is to make our services as accessible as possible. Our hourly rates vary between £55 and £65 but we do have a limited number of concessionary places for those on low incomes, which can be discussed during the telephone call, and may involve documentary evidence.

Getting in touch

Please click on the email addresses below to contact either Siobhain or Claire and they will get in touch with you by email to arrange a free 15 minute telephone call. If you would like to continue, an initial session will be arranged at a mutually convenient time. If you are happy to go forward, a regular session day and time will be offered dependent on the availability of the therapist.

Where and how?

We offer in-person sessions from two locations: Siobhain in Banstead and Claire in Ashtead. We also offer remote sessions using the on-line platform Zoom.

What can I expect at the initial session?

The initial session, like all sessions, will last for 50 minutes and is a chance for you to share what has brought you to therapy and how it is impacting your life. The therapist will ask certain questions about you and your background and you will have a chance to see if you feel comfortable working with the therapist. There is a fee charged for the initial session which is payable in advance.

What happens if I miss or cancel a session?

It is essential to the work that you prioritise your sessions once started. All missed sessions must be paid for and if you need to cancel a session, please contact your therapist as soon as possible. You will not be charged for your therapist's absence. 

How long will I need to attend therapy?

We offer open-ended psychotherapy and counselling as well as time-limited therapy. The type of service will be discussed with you in your first session and it will be a joint decision between you and your therapist. 

Contact Claire

01260 545165

Ashtead Location

St Giles' & St George's Church

Barnett Wood Lane


KT21 2DA

Contact Siobhain

07775 187184

Banstead Location

Banstead Well Being

148 High Street



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