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Do you Suffer from Work Related Stress?

Author: Callum Woodward


We’ve all felt some degree of stress in everyday life. Do you wonder if the money in your account is going to last until the end of the month?  Or have you done enough revision for your exam?  A major contributory factor to stress levels comes from the working environment.


Some people are very fortunate to have a job that they really love and the stress that they experience is minimal. For most of us however, work can come with a lot of added worries and anxieties which can cause us to spiral downwards.


I have spoken to someone, who shall remain unnamed, about their experience with work-related stress.


“I really suffer from the stress at work sometimes. I usually enjoy work, but there are certain days that make me feel overwhelmed or even miserable. I spend the whole day thinking of how behind I am with work. Like, when I make a mistake, it makes me think of how the minutes of my day are getting farther and farther away from me. I then work harder and quicker to get myself caught up to where I should be, but that makes me feel more stressed.”


They also told me that when they become stressed, they retreat into themselves.


“I’ve noticed that I go quiet, and I don’t want to join in on any conversations at work. I think it’s because I want to focus on getting through the backlog of work.”


Helping someone out of this spiral may be as simple as being there to support them.  We can’t always tell what someone is struggling with at work, and how that might be affecting their health and home life, but being there for someone in the workplace can be a great way to help them through the most stressful moments.


I asked them what they find helpful when they feel the stress building up.


“I talk to friends who will listen. Talking is so helpful as it enables me to get all those feelings out there, which is cathartic”.


Personally, I like to make sure that I am always available to help the people that I work with. Even if it’s the simple gesture of asking how they’re getting on, or if there is anything that I can do to help - any of these things can be a lifeline for someone who is really feeling the stress of the workplace. Some employers do have resources available for their staff to access if they need a helping hand or a quick five minutes to decompress.


But sometimes, it’s as simple as being a friend.

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